Six Things You Need to Do Right Now to Change Yourself

How to Change Rule #1:  Proper Nutrition The food you eat definitely impacts EVERYTHING. I saw this meme on Facebook last year that said – My body kept telling me that I needed to eat more fruits and vegetables but I didn’t listen. I remained tired, fatigued – looking for the answer. Meanwhile, the cure […]

The Most Important List for Living a Meaningful Life

How do you live a meaningful life? We’ve narrowed it down to these 6 actions that you can take this week to start your journey. #1) Leave the Past Behind, Live in the Now, and Get Excited for the Future This is THE biggest challenge people face right now, right now. There will be times […]

What is the Key to Success?

FIRST AND ALWAYS: Treat Others Incredible on the Way Up I can remember this like it was yesterday. My office was located in Downtown Dallas, and they had just installed parking meters. We now had to PAY for parking (the daily rate). I went out of my way to carry cash for this new daily […]