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7 Ways to Instill Confidence in Yourself

Gordon Ramsey, “You have got to start believing in yourself more!”

Gordon lays it all out reminding EVERYONE that you must start believing in yourself more and more. This is a powerful video that must be shared.

Very easy to say – very hard to do, right?

Here are seven ways you can start taking action to instill confidence in YOURSELF.

#1) Start hiding / unfollowing anything that is negative. Start with the news, politics, people & you’ll start to see that negative stress fall off.

#2) Create a roadmap of your life and work to improve EACH process so you know YOUR PURPOSE. This will give you a CLEAR direction on what you NEED in life.

#3) Work on your own positive affirmations. Say them outloud on your way to work – when you are alone in the car – when you are in the shower. It takes just 21 days to instill this belief system in yourself by just believing in your affirmations.

#4) Stop comparing everyone’s chapter 21 to your chapter 3. Allow yourself to get to the next chapter without comparing yourself to others. It’s simply a distraction method to give you an excuse.

#5) Accept compliments. Never dismiss or talk down compliments or even reject a compliment. Just say THANK YOU and let the compliment absorb. Start believing the compliments!

#6) Weed yourself of toxic people. Those friends you had who are still partying / overly drinking / pulling you away from what’s important in YOUR life – cut them loose. Surround yourself with as many good people and successful people and motivating people as you can because that will rub off on you!

#7) Speak confidently, ask questions & listen intently. Use these answers to implement solutions into your own life.

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Written by Kit Elliott

Kit Elliott is an entrepreneur, author, inventor, and business coach who helps solopreneurs turn their passion into profit. Kit founded SuccessLive.com - to provide coaching that helps solopreneurs start, build, and grow their own full-time online business.

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