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Kate Winslet, “Believe in Yourself!”

Kate Winslet Success Video

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Written by Kit Elliott

Kit Elliott is an entrepreneur, author, inventor, and business coach who helps solopreneurs turn their passion into profit. Kit founded SuccessLive.com - to provide coaching that helps solopreneurs start, build, and grow their own full-time online business.


  1. I’ve been using this five second rule that you shared with us last week and I think it’s working better than anything else I’ve tried. Hahaha isn’t that crazy?

    • Karen!

      I know. I have three incidents happen to me in the past week where I’ve used it to change the situation successfully.

      For those who missed it, the Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins is a simple trick to rewire your brain & to switch your thinking gears within five seconds.

      It absolutely works!

      Share and Conquer,