Six Things You Need to Do Right Now to Change Yourself

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How to Change Rule #1:  Proper Nutrition

The food you eat definitely impacts EVERYTHING.

I saw this meme on Facebook last year that said – My body kept telling me that I needed to eat more fruits and vegetables but I didn’t listen. I remained tired, fatigued – looking for the answer. Meanwhile, the cure exists: EAT MORE VEGGIES!!!

So now I do two-fold that saved my life:

#1) Supplements: I divide my supplements into three. 1/3 in the morning. 1/3 in the lunchtime. 1/3 at dinner. That way – I give my brain the nutrients it needs to think straight.  Here's how:

Make sure you get your daily vitamin. I like one that requires SIX servings so I can easily break it up. Then, add your Magnesium, Calcium, D mix to this throughout the day. This will wake up your brain right now! For extra energy, take a b-12 vitamin in the morning and afternoon. If you need good sleep, take a melatonin gummy at 8 pm.

#2) Add more fruits and veggies to your DAILY diet. Drink more green tea & water during the day.  Start eliminating the caffeine!   The b-12 vitamin WILL replace your need for caffeine…

That’s it!

Try these two for 30 days, and I guarantee you’ll see instant results.

It's time to biohack your life.   What foods work with YOUR body and what foods are wearing you down?   Take My Snack Diet Challenge and write down what you eat and how you feel afterwards so you can become aware of how food affects everything.

Click here to Download the Snack Diet Book & Journal

It took me 90 days to figure this out, and since then, I've become unstoppable.

When I ate 80% dark chocolate, almonds, blueberries, I became alive and fully awake!  When I ate dairy, drank beer, or ate chips, I felt my joints swell up.  I felt my brain lose focus and “cloudy up”.   I felt tired and sluggish immediately.

Now – the easy part – letting it go once you become aware.

What actions do you take:  Eat smaller clean meals with greens a few times per day.  In between meals, drink a cold glass or two of water.  Easy.   Add your supplements, vitamins, berries and almonds and within a week, you should see IMMEDIATE changes in your mood, you appearance, and your productivity.

How to Change Rule #2:  Find the Right People to Follow

Within your niche or interests, find your people.  I'm talking – search for podcasts and leaders in your interest area and start following them.  Become a fan of their work & truly get to know them.

Then, search for your people.  Where do they hang out?  Where do they meet?  Where do they convention?  You'll start seeing the same people – connecting & within 90 days, your life is completely different just with Rule #1 and Rule #2.

How to Change Rule #3:  Set Goals & Break Them Down

This is a fun one because it really works.

Now, you need to set goals that can be achieved within 90 days.  I'm talking weight loss goals, project goals, business goals and life transformation goals.

Now, break the goal down into 9 steps to achieve that goal.  This is the 9-Part Ladder that works so well.   Once you have broken down the goal into 9 steps, you'll need to assign a target date to achieve the first step.

If the first step takes a week, write down 7 days to complete the first step.

If the second step takes three weeks, write down 21 days to complete the second step.

(and so on)

Then, work to achieve / conquer each step.  You just broke down your goal into smaller action steps that CAN be achieved on your way to conquering your bigger goal.

I use the 9-Step Ladder with weight loss, writing goals, product development, building websites & membership sites to getting my backyard remodeled.

How to Change Rule #4:  Time to Grow Up

The tantrums.
The negative thoughts.
The excuses.
The laziness.
The problems.
The yelling.
The reactions.
The should haves.

Those end right now.  You grow up when you CONTROL your thoughts, your words, your reactions, your emotions, and your actions.  YOU ARE 100% IN CONTROL OF WHAT YOU TELL YOURSELF AND HOW YOU RESPOND & REACT.  

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]You grow up when you CONTROL your thoughts, your words, your reactions, your emotions, and your actions.[/tweet_box]

The faster you realize YOU control what you eat, what you say, what you think, the faster you can get on with it.  Growing up really boils down to this!

These actions WILL help increase your willpower and self-discipline:

The Best Ways to Increase Your Willpower and Self-Discipline

 How to Change Rule #5:  Workout and Meditate

Most leaders workout in the mornings before anyone else gets to work.  I'm gonna follow their lead & workout in the mornings too.  If you're just starting out, get on a light weight routine with light cardio so you can get used to this new routine.

Then, right after you workout, pick a quiet place & meditate.  Pick a breathing exercise where you breathe in what you want, who you love, what you're grateful for and you exhale what's holding you back, the excuses, and the negativity.

You breathe in gratefulness.

You breathe out and release excuses.

You breathe in dreams.

You breathe out and release regrets.

You breathe in today's goals.

You breathe out and release yesterday's problems.

You breathe in affirmations.

You breathe out and release unkind thoughts.

You breathe in living in the moment.

You breathe out and release mistakes of the past.

How to Change Rule #6:  Gratitude Sleep

Now, it's time to end your day.  What are you grateful for?

Before you go to bed, get ready for the morning.  Set the right mindset for what you want to accomplish.  If you need help getting to sleep, try a supplement called Melatonin.

If you need something that works RIGHT now, try the 4-7-8 technique as seen in this video.

How to use the 4-7-8 technique:

All you have to do is lightly touch the roof of your mouth (behind your front teeth) with your tongue, exhale completely, and then adopt the following breathing pattern:

– Breathe in through your nose quietly for a count of 4
– Hold your breath for a count of seven
– Blow air out through your mouth for a count of 8, making a ‘whoosh' sound
– Repeat the process three more times

Dr. Weil says the technique is a powerful method of falling asleep because it delivers more oxygen than normal breathing to the parasympathetic nervous system, which becomes overstimulated during times of stress.

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