The 5 Most Useful Time-Saving, Time-Management Tricks

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[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]”Time is luck so don't waste it living someone else's life!”[/tweet_box]

Here are the most important time-saving, time management tricks that you can immediately implement into your life.

1. Create and Review Daily Checklists – The most successful people have multiple checklists going at any given moment. They have daily checklists, weekly checklists, 90 day checklists, yearly checklists to accomplish small goals to big picture stuff. I update several to-do lists every single day as I accomplish today's goals as well as write down any new ideas that pop up during the day.

EASY TO USE:  Google docs is free to use & you can pull it up on most devices so your checklists follows you everywhere you go.

2. Delegate – This is one of the most underutilized skills & underused skills by MOST solopreneurs who wear many hats. When you're first starting out, you get into the habit of doing every task in your business from accounting to website design to returning emails to taking messages to social media management and setting appointments to taking orders and creating fulfillment for your customers.

As your business grows, learn to delegate the tasks so you can focus on big picture / increase income goals.

3. Learn to Say No – There are two sides to this no. Most people like to make deals & make money with different projects. When presented with a new project or a new opportunity, sometimes it's difficult to choose WHICH project will be most beneficial to your business. You say YES more often than NO for fear of missing out on a project with huge potential. Fast forward six months and that project is dead in the water or never lived up to the hype. I've seen it many times. The key here is to develop big picture goals and work toward the bigger picture without the side hustle distractions UNLESS you need that side hustle to fund the big picture goals.

4. Distraction – The politics have been incredibly luring this year with all the drama and turns, and it's easy to get caught up in the discussion. It's easy to get caught up in “what's happening now!” The trick here is to leave your phone in another room while you work AND turn off the background news while you work. If you're having writer's block or simply can't get started, do me a favor: WRITE OUT THE FIRST SENTENCE OF YOUR PROJECT OR GOALS! That's usually all it takes before you realize you just wrote 2 pages, completed your to-do list, and you moved into the zone.

5. Eliminate – Do me a favor: List out all the toxic, negative people in your life. Those people who are dragging you down. Those people who put you down. Those people who hate to see others succeeding so they pull YOU back down to their stuck level. It's time to eliminate these people. Change their name in your phone to: zDo Not Answer. That way – you don't know who they are, but you remember they are toxic.

Delete their texts. Delete their voicemails. Delete their emails. After a few months, they move on and you can focus on your passion and bringing that to life. You'll soon meet and get messages from people who support YOUR mission.

Let's put these into action first.

Eliminate means getting rid of all the toxins: Toxic people, Toxic foods, Toxic thoughts, Toxic alcohol. Anything that has a negative consequence, including foods that you're allergic to. Use the term eliminate so you know it doesn't belong anywhere near you.

Distraction also leads into another area: FOCUS! Grab a sticky note and write, “Focus, Come Back to Center!” If you feel your hands are automatically typing certain websites, use a browser extension to block those websites during productivity time.

Saying No also means that you might miss out on a few winners, but you won't be wasting time and you won't be off track away from your vision.

Delegation becomes a new skill that you pick up and has a surprisingly new result: you build confidence!

You also realize that checklists are constantly changing and can be updated every ten minutes if you wish.

Try these for the next 30 days and let me know your results:

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21 Responses

  1. For me I have always had the problem of saying no. I think I say yes more times than no and it really bugs me because I’m being pulled so many diffrent directions that at the end of the day, I have no time for me and no time for my own life. It’s beyond strange.

  2. I think the eliminate is the most important one because the effects that you get when you eliminate toxic thoughts or toxic foods or toxic people outweigh anything on this list. Just my thought.

    1. ELIMINATE! You’re right on the money!!! Eliminate toxic EVERYTHING.

      1. Toxic thoughts.
      2. Toxic food.
      3. Toxic people.
      4. Toxic habits.
      5. Toxic schedule.
      6. Toxic stress.

      Eliminate is such a powerful word because YOU take action on what you KNOW is harming you by removing it completely from your life. That can only change your life for the better!

      Share and Conquer,

  3. I’d love to do a 30 Day cleanse of the toxic anything like get rid of toxic thoughts or toxic foods or toxic people, but what advice can you give me to go about doing that?

    1. I’m in the process of creating challenges for the SuccessLive community. Give me a couple of weeks, and I’m going to create some 30-Day challenges to help everyone!!!

      Share and Conquer,

    1. I agree, Thomas!

      Stay informed & take action with everything you do. There are blogs and news stations that constantly stream negative, sometimes false information. Those are negatively impacting your life. TURN THOSE OFF!

      Share and Conquer,

    1. Hey Martin,

      Let’s get your ADHD under control right now.

      1. Break up your supplements three times per day. You should be doing a multi-vitamin on top of a magnesium, zinc, D supplement. Then, for energy – use the vitamin B12 instead of coffee! That will help you focus on DAY #1.

      2. Then, add a meditation to your day. Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes if you can wear you focus on your breathing and clearing.

      3. Clear / Clean your work station. Plan your work and work your plan.

      Start with these three and let me know.

      Share and Conquer,

    2. Hey Martin,

      1. First – let’s get your sleep, supplements, and exercise down. If you are not getting enough sleep – and drinking too much caffeine, you’ll always be in this ADHD zone. Track your sleep – I use Melatonin (just 1 or 2) when I need it for great sleep!!

      Then, make sure your vitamins have a magnesium, zinc, D included. For energy, take a B-12 gummy vitamin. Drink water every 90 minutes! That’s the first step in getting your ADHD under control.

      2. Second –

      Distractions – Let’s use the tools that we have right now to block websites, to block your bad habits. Put your phone in the other room while you work. Let’s get them out of site right now.

      3. Third –

      Create a checklist every single day and start crossing off the easy ones first. You wake up with small wins that get you going so you can attack the bigger wins!

      Start with these three and let me know,
      Share and Conquer,

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