The Most Important List for Living a Meaningful Life

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How do you live a meaningful life? We've narrowed it down to these 6 actions that you can take this week to start your journey.

#1) Leave the Past Behind, Live in the Now, and Get Excited for the Future

This is THE biggest challenge people face right now, right now.

There will be times where you have traumatic events & incredibly joyful events that will keep you stuck living in THAT moment instead of living in THIS moment.

So you keep replaying those traumatic, painful events that paralyzes you from living a more purposeful life.  Same is true for JOYFUL events.  I remember when I moved from Dallas to North Dallas.  Not that big of a change (17 minute difference), but I kept replaying those incredibly fun moments to the point that it was causing me to miss out on some incredible moments today.

When you live in the now, there is an interesting metaphysical transition that takes place. You start having these realizations that you are allowing yourself to enjoy the moment WHILE leaving your past behind. These out of body experiences where you see yourself pushing yourself forward instead of letting yourself get dragged back into the past.

When this happens, take full advantage of the now. Whatever life scene is playing out, get in it.

#2) Become Aware of Your Thoughts and Actions

Do me a favor here. Become aware of what you are putting into your body & the effects that it has on it. Then, become aware of what you say, especially when you talk to yourself.

The first part is simple:

Start journaling what you eat, what you drinking and how you feel afterwards. This will immediately give you tell-tale signs of what is negatively impacting your body. When you feel sluggish or cloudy-brained, it's YOUR diet. There is something your body is rejecting, and it's time you became aware and cut it out.

If I could go back in time, I'd tell my college self that I'm allergic to beer. I drank a lot of beer in college, and my joints would immediately swell up & my skin would get red blotches all over due to this allergic reaction that I thought was just a normal reaction to drinking beer.

I tricked myself into thinking I was just “hungover” while ignoring the chest pains and abdominal pain!

The second part is fun:

Daydream! I want you to replace your negative thoughts with you daydreaming about your goals. What do you want to accomplish. Dream about you accomplishing that goal. Dream about you living the life you want. Dream about your life AFTER you conquer this goal.

There's an interesting consequence here: You eliminate the negative self-talk, and you start visualizing the process. Then, you start taking action based on these visualizations. That's when it becomes reality.

The third part is easy:

Turn off the negative news.  Now, there is a difference between staying informed and getting a constant stream of negative information.   Turn off the negative news where the news is constantly showing and sharing traumatic events from around the world.  Keep in mind, there has never been a time that this has not been happening.  We now live in an INSTANT INFORMATION age where this info is rapidly shared.

Become aware when you're feeding your mind this negative info.

#3) Learn to Master Your Time

Last week, we published the 5 most-useful time-saving tricks you can incorporate into your life right now, right now to have the biggest impact.

Click here for the 5 Most Useful Time-Saving & Time-Management Strategies

#4) Experience Experiences

Instead of purchasing material possessions, start buying experiences for YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS and focus on nurturing those relationships. You'll find that your focus shifts from material wealth to building quality relationships built around these bonds you just created.

Shift your focus to creating, enjoying, and sharing experiences.

#5) Your Own Code of Ethics

Now, develop your own code of ethics, principles and values you stand on. Let these guide you in the decision making process so you can setup your own expectations.

Here are mine:

Integrity – Be honest in everything you do. Simple.

Caring – Be kind to others for they are fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Attitude – Choose your state by being respectful to others, humble without arrogance. Simple.

Courage – Never let fear prevent you from trying. Have the courage to stand up to yourself!

Excellence – Strive for excellence in everything you do without procrastination and raise YOUR own standards.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Have the courage to stand up to yourself![/tweet_box]

#6) Activate Your Purpose

While everyone is out there trying to “find” their purpose, I want you to ACTIVATE your purpose with these three simple steps:

First, help others. Find a way to help others in business and in life. What can you do right now or this weekend to help others?

Second, what do you love to do. What do you love talking about? What can you talk about for hours and hours and hours? Then, turn on YouTube, start a Meetup, start a Facebook Fanpage, join a club & start talking about “that”. Now, you're sharing YOUR passion with the world by building your own tribe and being around others who share similar passions.

Taking Action + Passion = Purpose!

Third, apply what you know and what you learn. Learning is passive action while implementing what you learn is active action. The point is – people trick themselves into thinking they are taking action on their passion while reading blogs and taking courses, but if you're NOT bringing that to life, creating that into YOUR reality than noone gets benefit to what you learned.

At some point you have to transition from passive active TO active action in order to LIVE your true purpose daily.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]At some point you have to transition from passive active TO active action in order to LIVE your true purpose daily.[/tweet_box]

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