What is the Key to Success?

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FIRST AND ALWAYS: Treat Others Incredible on the Way Up

I can remember this like it was yesterday. My office was located in Downtown Dallas, and they had just installed parking meters. We now had to PAY for parking (the daily rate). I went out of my way to carry cash for this new daily rate.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks, I notice a “lost” soul in the parking lot. You know the one: I don't have any cash and the nearest ATM is 2 miles away, and now, I'm stuck here in a paid parking lot. I have seen that same look in the mirror. I ran over and said, “Hey! I got this…”

We talked and shared a good laugh. No big deal. Pay it forward, right?

Fast forward to 20 minutes later when in my lobby is my 9 am appointment – the same guy in the parking lot! The deal was done within 5 minutes that day, and get this: Another deal was done with the same guy 5 years later.

Keep your eyes open for WHEN you can help anyone out without expecting anything in return, because it will return tenfold.

2. Use Your 24 Hours Wisely

Your success is dependent upon how you use your 24 hours. If you missed Eric Thomas's 24 Hour video, click here to see the ONLY motivational video you need to see daily regarding using your 24 hours wisely:

3.  Build Your 9-Part Ladder 

Most people see the vision and get overwhelmed with the monstrosity of all the small tasks, but it's the small tasks that make the reward that much more valuable. Break your goal into 9 parts and then, place a time on each part. If it's 9 minutes, 9 days, 9 weeks – put a time limit on each part.

Then, as you move up the 9-Part Ladder, you'll start to see YOUR goal get more and more within reach. Then, you'll conquer that goal faster than YOUR time limit.

4.  Process Your Plan and Plan Your Process

Here's what separates the leaders from the rest of the pack. While the rest of the pack is setting goals based on results, leaders are setting process goals. Everything has a process! Understanding and improving EACH process will skyrocket your results faster than anything you've ever done.

Process goals allows you to understand what you HAVE to do to achieve your outcome, and when you have this understanding, it's much easier to create efficient routines that lead to YOUR desired result without abandonment!

You can break each process down & then, work to improve results by improving each process. When you focus on process OVER results, it reduces your frustration when you get varying results.

5.  Believe in Yourself

I just posted a powerful video by Gordon Ramsey on believing in yourself. Below the video are 7 ways to instill confidence in yourself.

6.  Reward Yourself

Did you set your goal block? Then you plan your work and work your plan. You've gone out of your way to treat others incredibly good (and how good did that feel?). Now, it's time to reward yourself.

Many entrepreneurs and achievers put off the reward. They want to press the reset button and start again with a new goal block. This is the time that you reward yourself with a nice weekend by the lake, a nice restaurant, a nice night out, a weekend off, a concert or whatever you fancy. Right?

Take THIS reward because those who are too quick to jump to the next goal block are the first to burn out. This reward should be a recharge so you're fired up for the next 9-Part Ladder!

7.  Fail and Fail Again

Remember, Michael Jordan says that he can accept failure, but he cannot accept NOT trying. Those who have never failed have NEVER tried or succeed at anything.

Here's how you can overcome failure!

You failed. You failed. You failed.

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