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You failed. You failed. You failed.

How to Overcome Failure

So you failed. Michael Jordan says that he can accept failure, but he cannot accept NOT trying. Those who have NEVER failed have NEVER tried or SUCCEEDED at anything.

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Here's how you can overcome failure:

1. Don't call it a failure because you took a step back. Ask yourself what you learned from this experience and how you can improve next time you face with the same situation.

2. Get the valuable feedback and write it all out. Write down your constructive points of view from this experience so you can use it to improve.

3. Remember that anyone who wants to deliver value and put themselves out there will face failure many times. We're NEVER comparing our Chapter 3 to anyone's Chapter 23. We'll get there…

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4. Vent… Let it all out. Vent in your car. Vent in your bathroom. Vent as much as you want. Give yourself the cutoff when venting is no longer allowed. So if Monday is the cutoff – vent all you want all weekend long, but when Monday comes around – you're done. The venting is over.

Time to get back to work.

Remember – as Eric Thomas says – YOU ONLY HAVE 24 HOURS IN A DAY!

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Written by Kit Elliott

Kit Elliott is an entrepreneur, author, inventor, and business coach who helps solopreneurs turn their passion into profit. Kit founded SuccessLive.com - to provide coaching that helps solopreneurs start, build, and grow their own full-time online business.

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